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2011-10-05 22:21:48 by vutiendung912

For the people who red this, i'm vutiendung on deviantart and here is the link, enjoy


2011-05-29 20:53:19 by vutiendung912

check this out

dragonslayer mecha

2011-05-13 21:08:35 by vutiendung912 ion=&q=+vutiendung#/d3g9piu


2011-02-04 20:20:16 by vutiendung912

I need some help about how to make a simple fash or a movie with a little fame if anyone see this fls help me

hi , i am newbie

Every once see me as a god of cheat and hack


2010-11-11 03:10:23 by vutiendung912

my life like eminem life,my life like linkin park song,i am a demon,i am 18,need a gril friend